·         If the Lessee is more than seven days late in paying the rental, the Lessor has the authority to redeem the automobile without notice, requiring the Lessee to pay the rental and any extra costs for the time of delay, as well as the legally mandated fine.

·         Payment via credit card authorizes Lessor to charge all rental allowances, traffic violations, repairs and damage costs, and the whole rental amount, without the need for an extra signature. 


·         Lessee shall operate the vehicle in compliance with relevant traffic laws, insurance company rules and policies, and any other applicable laws in the State of Qatar. Lessee must be responsible for all obligations and expenditures, including those relating to civil, legal, and criminal matters that may emerge as a consequence of a contract breach.

·         Lessee is responsible for the automobile and its belongings and must return them in the same condition in which they were received at the conclusion of the rental period.

·         The rental duration is calculated on a 24-hour basis. If the Lessee fails to return the automobile on the mutually agreed date for whatever reason, he/she will be required to pay each day of delay.

·         The lessor shall not be liable for any contents belonging to Lessee after the car's handover or while it is under repair.

·         When a vehicle key is lost or damaged, the Lessee is responsible for the expense of key replacement as determined by the Lessor.

·         In the event of an accident or significant damage to the car, Lessee must remain in the vehicle and contact the police to have an accident report and insurance claim prepared. Lessee must then contact Lessor within twenty-four (24) hours of the accident to present a valid claim to the Insurance Company. Lessee will be accountable for the cost of repair and any damages and indemnifications arising from the accident if the Police did not submit their report and/or insurance claim papers to Lessor. If the automobile is fully lost, the Lessee will pay the Lessor the full cost of the vehicle, which is equal to the vehicle's original purchase price when it was brand new.

·         Throughout the rental duration, the lessee is responsible for fueling the automobile.

·         All damage to the automobile or coachwork caused by shocks to the upper or lower elements, including the chassis, roof, etc., is the Lessee's responsibility, even if he agreed and got the collision damage waiver.

·         Without prior written authorization from Elite Motors, the lessee shall not use the vehicle to carry pets/animals. There will be an extra fee for car washing.

·         The vehicle will not be used to transport any illegal substances (alcohol, drugs, etc. ), or to transport merchandise, including chemicals, or to transport passengers for hire, or to commit any other illegal act.

·         In the event of a fine or seizure of the vehicle, the hirer is responsible for all damages to the Lessor, including the full value of the vehicle, fines, and claims of passengers, third party claims, and loss of income or rental. He/she is not authorized to overweight the vehicle or drive in regions that are not covered by the Insurance Policy.

·         The Lessee is not permitted to change any part of the vehicle, outwardly or inside.

·         The Lessee is not allowed to smoke inside the car and if found the Lessee must pay 500QAR to the Lessor.

·         The Lessee has no right to mortgage, sell, rent, or use the vehicle for any commercial purpose other than personal use.

·         The Lessee must never use the vehicle for any purpose other than that for which it was licensed.

·         The Lessee is liable for any damage to the vehicle caused by abuse.

·         In the event of a technical malfunction with the vehicle, the Lessee must promptly notify the Lessor in person. Lessee shall be responsible for any damage or accident expenses incurred as a consequence of Lessee's carelessness.

Payment by credit card grants Lessor the right to retain all rental allowances, traffic violation fines, and the entire rental value and car value as it was brand new in the event that the car is impounded or totally lost without sufficient legal and police documentation and an insurance claim, without the need for my signature on the credit card imprint or charge slip. This also applies to the car hired to the company on whose behalf I/We performed during the time. 


·         The Lessor provides complete insurance for this vehicle. Qatari law shall apply in circumstances of injury or death. Lessee has taken notice of the insurance policy and agreed to abide by its conditions.

·         Lessee must pay a fee of QAR 1000/- as "excess to damage" for each accident where he is responsible for the mistake. Lessee must pay for any accident incurred as a result of another party mistake shall be lowered to QAR 500/- per accident.

·         Lessee is responsible for any damages, repairs, and services arising from the automobile's abuse or user carelessness, in the event that it is stolen or lost, to the extent that such costs are not covered by the car insurance policy. The Lessee will pay the Lessor the full cost of the vehicle, which is similar to the vehicle's original purchase price when it was brand new.

If the vehicle is impounded by a legal authority or others, the Lessee is responsible for clearing the vehicle, paying all liabilities and penalties, returning the vehicle to the office in good condition, as well as keeping the vehicle's rent ongoing while handing it over to the Lessor.


·         Lessee must notify Lessor within (48) hours of doing normal maintenance on the automobile, and Lessor must explain the conditions of maintenance.

·         If maintenance is performed outside the Lessor's designated workshop without the Lessor's knowledge and authorization, Lessee is responsible for any re-maintenance charges. Any harm incurred as a consequence of a failure to perform routine maintenance will be paid by the Lessee.

·         The Lessee is responsible for frequently checking and maintaining oil, water, and other fluid levels, as well as tire pressure. Failure to do these inspections may result in vehicle damage, which will be repaired at the Lessee's cost.

·         The Lessee is responsible for keeping the car clean, maintained, and in excellent overall condition.

The amount of fuel in the automobile should be the same when it is returned. If the cost is not same, the lessee must pay the equal cost.


·         Lessees guarantee at all times that they will indemnify Lessor against any claim and/or legal action brought against Lessee as a consequence of this Contract and/or Lessee's breach of the Contract's clauses.

·         If the Lessor brings a legal action against the Lessee for whatever reason, Qatari law shall govern, as determined by the Qatari courts. 

·         If the Lessor files a legal case against the lessee for any reason, the Qatari laws shalt be applicable, according to the laws of the Qatari courts.

·         If the Lessee is an expatriate working in Qatar and he fled or left Qatar or he has been deported from Qatar, then the Qatari courts will be authorized to arbitrate against the Lessee as if he is still a resident in the State of Qatar. The court rule and decision in this respect will be applicable to the Lessee in his own home country and such rule/decision will be legally enforced as it is from one of the courts in the Lessee’s home country.


·         The Lessee shall be obliged to pay all the costs and expenses of sending a representation or a delegate from the Lessor’s side of the court of the Lessee to attend the follow-up. The execution and implementation of the Qatari court’s rule/decision in the country of the Lessee including the cost of stay and air tickets to that country.


·         Driving the car should be the Lessee's duty, and he or she should have a valid license. Additionally, it is the Lessee's obligation to ensure that the license is renewed and maintained in possession as required by law.

·         If the automobile is driven by another driver known to the Lessee, that driver must likewise possess a valid driver's license with a validity date of at least one year and a minimum age of 22 years. The new driver's information must be supplied to the Lessor and included in the contract. There will be an additional fee for each additional driver.

·         The Lessee is liable for any costs, losses, or traffic accidents caused by the other driver to whom he entrusted the vehicle. The Lessee will be liable for any costs and expenditures incurred as a consequence of such traffic accidents, including those resulting from errors made by the driver of the leased automobile or any other third party. The lessee is responsible for submitting all required documentation, proofs, and police papers, in addition to the insurance papers, etc.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Lessee must pay the whole rental payment in advance.